Platforms We Work With


IMVIZE chooses to partner with Boomi for Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS)

Boomi provides the best-in-class architecture, security, and reliability that we entrust our clients' data workloads to.

In particular, Boomi has excelled in the IPaaS sphere due to:

  • Continuous Innovation - Boomi’s growth has been fueled by a long history of firsts. With a cloud-native, unified platform and a powerful, distributed architecture Boomi allows you to scale and move to the cloud, all the while supporting the realities of the enterprise.

  • Trust and Compliance - With the industry’s best uptime, Boomi takes care of maintenance and upgrades regardless of if deployment is on-premise, in the cloud, or across a hybrid IT landscape. 

  • High Productivity and High Control - Boomi understands the value of high productivity delivered from low-code integration development. The platform’s visual workflow designer, crowd-sourced intelligence, pre-built templates, and developer SDKs make it the ideal solution for a single, unified, integration platform. 

  • Insights and Intelligence - With all applications and data integrated together via a unified platform, Boomi provides a 360-degree view of your business with insights to address critical business problems.

Gartner ranks Boomi at the top of the Integration Platform as a Service market.


UKG Ready

  • IMVIZE chooses to partner with UKG Ready for Human Capital Management (encompassing HR, Talent, Time, and Payroll) because it offers the greatest value of features and affordability for the small company to upper-mid-sized enterprise ranging from 50 to 2,500 employees. 

  • UKG Ready is a full-suite solution based on a single code-base.  We find the single code base to be particularly important to unify time-and-attendance data, payroll data, and HR master data. 

  • The importance of a single code base stems from the seamlessness of the user-interface and flow of data between major system modules.  UKG Ready is one of only a few solutions in the marketplace that offer a truly single-code-base solution for all the primary HCM modules while also offering the system at a competitive price point to direct customers and reseller partners. 

  • Further, UKG Ready also offers a powerful REST based API that allows virtually limitless customizations and integrations to be developed wtih other systems and processes. 

Gartner ranks UKG at the top of the Integration Platform as a Service market.

Gartner UKG

For IMVIZE’s own internal computing requirements, and those of our clients, Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains our go-to solution for cloud computing

AWS provides safe, secure access to highly available, reliable, and durable IT resources such as computing power, storage, and databases, all available on an as-needed basis with pay-as-you-go pricing.

  • AWS Excels by providing unparalleled

    • Security: AWS offers multiple Security and Compliance services for various applications. Apart from the Shared Responsibility Model, there are expensive options for configuring extra security measures.

    • Agility: Applications can be developed and deployed globally across multiple locations within minutes. The speed of experimentation, development and deployment is exponentially higher compared to applications developed on-premises.

    • Flexibility: AWS offers multiple services for various applications. There are over 200 products that support services to run all kinds of workloads.

    • Elasticity: Applications can scale the resources required for smooth operability based on the demand — the application capacity is sufficient to deal with the incoming requests while paying for only what they use.

    • Cost: AWS makes it easy to scale up and down based on demand and removes the need for an on-premise data centre to reduce costs. By using the pay as you go model, costs incurred can be monitored and reduced.