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IMVIZE helps companies leverage cloud-based HR, Payroll, Talent, Time, and Data Integration solutions that power the digital transformation.

We work with...

Innovators with a vision in need of a trusted technology partner

Growth organizations in need of cloud-based solutions to continue to scale up

Mature enterprises seeking to continually evolve and reinvent

Services & Solutions

Implementation & Enhancements

We provide project management, change management, and systems analysis to educate and guide our clients’ software roll-out.  Our implementation consultants work with both UKG reseller partners and UKG clients for systems implementations and/or refinement projects.  We offer fully-managed implementations as well as staff augmentation solutions.  We work to enhance our clients’ use of UKG services and empower our partners’ relationships with new and existing clients using best practices.

UKG Ready Health Assessment

The Health Assessment yields an understanding of what existing pain points exist for a client and how they can be addressed through better adoption and configuration of the UKG Ready system as well as utilization of existing support options.

The global assessment is a client centric guided process. We have standardized module assessments but the series will be customized based on each client’s unique input.  The series is broken down into specific modules and features to better identify what areas of the system that need further review. 

Data Integrations

IMVIZE performs integrations of data with UKG Ready and third party systems and companies.  As an authorized partner with Dell Boomi, we also can offer file-based and API-based integrations between virtually any software platforms.  (Coming Q3 2021) IMVIZE will also be able to establish and/or modify carrier connection integrations on the UKG Ready integration hub.

Integration Add-On(s):

PrismHR - For PEO customers that utilize PrismHR, IMVIZE offers a “customizable off-the-shelf” API-based solution to integrate PrismHR and UKG Ready.

Project Management & Change Management

Project Management begins with establishing clear and achievable goals. Our project management team works diligently with partners and clients to set realistic expectations, optimize the allocation of resources, and incorporate input that will drive the completion of the project’s objective.  In addition, we provide change management practices to help organizations overcome challenges that are presented with the adoption of a new service and/or process.